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Catherine Nicholas

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Catherine Nicholas


You came to Chalet Nicholas for Cathy’s help to find the next step in your life. Will it be Costa Rica?

You want a home or land where you can build a dream. With Cathy’s help, you’ve found what is the perfect place. Perhaps you found a place where you can see the sun and clouds play on the water. Perhaps you found a hillside looking down across green fields or perhaps you were enchanted by the sound of water rushing over river rocks. No matter. You came not knowing what you wished to find and found it all.

Now, close your eyes – imagine.

The day is late, the sun is setting. You lounge on the deck; in hand, a glass of tea with lemon fresh picked from your tree. The birds are singing to the evening. The air is heavy with scent – angel trumpet, lily, jasmine all in bloom. Take a breath; you can almost taste the air. The ‘step’ was right.

The place is perfect.

Thank you, Cathy.


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