About Lake Arenal

Lake Arenal is situated in the northern highlands of Costa Rica, in the provinces of Guanacaste and Alajuela. It is located in the Arenal Tilaran Conservation Area, and is close to the Arenal Volcano and Monteverde cloud forest. The lake was expanded in 1979 and is approximately 30 km long and almost 5 km at its widest point, making it the largest lake in Costa Rica at 85-square-kilometre (33 sq mi). Its depth varies between 30 and 60 meters (100–200 feet) depending on the season.

The Lake Arenal area is a micro-climate. The southside side of the Lake has less rain than the north/east side but more wind. The northern side of the lake is typically cooler than the southern. Most area residents never use AC or a heater as climates are consistently comfortable year-round. It is not uncommon to be 30 degrees cooler at Lake Arenal than in the lowlands just 30 miles away.

From November through April the strong, dependable winds attract windsurfers to its western end. Many consider Lake Arenal one of the world’s foremost windsurfing areas.

Wake-boarding is also popular. Fishing (primarily for rainbow bass) and kayaking are also popular recreational activities on this lake. The area surrounding the lake has good hiking, biking, bird watching, and horseback riding opportunities. There are many other activities to enjoy at Lake Arenal and of course there are plenty of places to just relax as well.

There are SO Many Things To Do In The Arenal Area!

Lake Arenal and the surrounding area provides it’s guests – and ultimately it’s locals – with such a variety of things to do. This area truly is a nature lover’s paradise with jungles, mountains, volcanoes, lakes, forests – and all of the wild-life and wonder that comes along with being in a place so magical.

This is a land for bird-watching, wind-surfing, horse-back riding, waterfall-viewing, fishing, hiking, swimming, mountain-biking, boating and SO much more. It’s a land of self-sustainability and a symbolic pillar for the future in capabilites to harness the earth’s power.